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I'm an animal lover and photographer based in Phoenix, AZ. I work extensively on photo and art projects that shine the light on shelter animals, raise awareness about animal welfare issues and promote conservation.  My heart is in animal rescue work. If you are a non-profit animal welfare organization located in Arizona and need photographs taken of your rescued animals, please contact me and we'll get something scheduled as soon as possible. I set aside several days every month to take portraits of adoptable animals looking for homes - many of which can be seen in Faces of Rescue and on my Blog. 

Nature and animal art work is available for purchase in My Little Shop.  50% of profits from the sales of project related work and other pieces as well are donated to non-profit animal welfare organizations and causes.  Details are notated in the individual pieces.

I also sit on the Board and help develop projects for HeARTs Speak, a non-profit, international organization of artists helping animals. I am honored to be a part of this organization and work with such inspiring and compassionate people. If you are a photographer or artist and want to help animals with your art and connect with like-minded individuals, please consider joining HeARTs Speak.

In addition to animal welfare work, I provide instruction/mentoring, do commercial shoots and a limited number of private pet photo sessions. Clients include Avanti Press, Benz, National Veterinary Associates, NBC Universal, Oxford University Press, Petco Foundation and the Phoenician Resort. 

I love being behind the camera.
Simplicity thrills my eye.
I savor quiet moments. 
And I am always on the lookout for some great shadows.