Faces of Rescue 

I am passionate about animal rescue. It’s an honor to work with and take photographs for animal rescue organizations.  I am a firm believer in being involved in community and giving back.  If you are a non-profit animal welfare organization located in Arizona and need photographs taken of your rescued animals, please contact me. I set aside several days every month and donate my services to take photographs of shelter animals, teach volunteers how to take photographs of animals, as well as donate fine art prints for fundraising events. If you need help, please contact me and we’ll get something scheduled as soon as possible. 

To all the animal rescue people I have met and worked with over the years – you are and always will be my inspiration. Thank you for allowing me to take pictures of those souls you care for and love like no one else. You are out there in the trenches everyday, no fanfare,  just doing it ….. fighting the good fight and making a difference. I am ready to work with you and help you fight the good fight!

If you are a photographer or artist and want to help animals with your art and connect with like minded artists, please consider joining HeARTs Speak, a non-profit organization of artists helping animals.

More Faces of Rescue can be seen on my Blog.

~Jill Flynn