On-line Pet Photography Course at the Bryan Peterson School of Photography

Ready to find the light and take your pet photography to the next level?  My class will show you how to use light, perspective, the environment, composition, color and mood to create compelling and beautiful pet portraits. Capturing the personality and spirit of a pet with a touch of artistry is key to creating memorable portraits. It’s all about slowing down, connecting with animals and telling a story.

Mentoring Program (In person or via Skype)

Fee: $500/month

My mentoring program is designed to help you strengthen your skills, expand your knowledge, develop your eye and take your photography to the next level. Mentoring is customized for each individual and based on a portfolio review, shooting assignments and critiques.  Post processing/photo editing assignments can be substituted for shooting assignments. Advanced Pet Photography mentoring is offered to people who have taken my Pet Photography Course at the Bryan Peterson School of Photography and want additional instruction and critiques of their work.

Program Outline:
Consultation and discussion to establish your needs and goals.
Portfolio review.
Personalized program with lessons and shooting assignments based on your needs.
Verbal critique and discussion of assignment images in person, via Skype or live chat.
A total of 25 images will be critiqued during the course of the mentoring program.
Verbal critiques work best. The back and forth interaction/discussion is a great way to learn. 
Photography related Q & A included with critique sessions. 
The mentoring program typically lasts 1-2 months.

To inquire about or schedule Private Instruction or Mentoring, click here.