Have a Seat


Have a Seat

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Have a Seat is my tribute to pigeons, who are so often misunderstood. They are extremely intelligent animals, have outstanding navigational skills and are credited with saving countless lives as messengers during WWI. They also recognize people and will gravitate to the ones that are nice to them. 


Have a Seat is printed on Smooth Matte fine art, acid-free, pH neutral paper with archival pigment inks. It will last for generations and is available as:

Size:  5"x7"  / 8"x12" /  12"x18"
Mount:  Lightweight Fiber Board or Bamboo Panel

Lightweight Fiber Board mounts can be displayed as is or framed.

Bamboo Panels are ¾” solid wood mounts and come ready to hang with a carved out keyhole in the back. They are very durable, manufactured from sustainably harvested bamboo, and eco-conscious. The edge of the panel has a pattern and smooth finish.  I love bamboo panel mounts. They are a clean and beautiful way to display prints.

Custom and larger size prints are available. Please contact me for details.

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