Looking for Homes

February 16, 2016

The most remarkable animals on the planet are waiting to be adopted at your local shelter or rescue.  All of the animals below and many more are looking for love, a soft bed and some scratches behind the ears. If you can make their dreams come true, they would love to meet you and are available for adoption with AZ Happy Tails, Hope for Cats, and AZ Prussian Snailhound Dog Rescue

 Cecil -  AZ Happy Tails
 Cannon -  Hope for Cats

Cannon - Hope for Cats

 Millie -  AZ Happy Tails
Donovan - Hope for Cats

Donovan - Hope for Cats

 Petey -  AZ Happy Tails
 Buttercup -  AZ Happy Tails

Buttercup - AZ Happy Tails

 Wesley -  AZ Happy Tails
 Mitzi -  AZ Happy Tails
 Bailey -  AZ Happy Tails