Meet Monk

March 26, 2017

" I am a hippopotamus Dog." - Monk

Every month Logan Ryan features an adoptable Pit Bull for his Ryans Monthly Rescue. Monk from  Mayday Pit Bull Rescue and Advocacy in Phoenix, AZ is the March pup. 

Monk was kept in a basement for two years while being used as a breeding dog. He missed out on the joys of going for walks and all the things dogs love to do. He has a lot of catching up to do and will be available for adoption soon with Mayday Pit Bull Rescue.

Thank you Logan Ryan and Mayday for being a voice for Pit Bulls and showing the world how remarkable they are.  

I photographed Monk and Logan at Parkwood Studios in downtown Phoenix. If you're looking for studio space to rent, they are great and they love animals.

And yes, Monk is as silly and goofy as he looks!